Sunday, 19 June 2011




Spudgun, aka Mike Hardy, a self proclaimed film maker and researcher.

What drives this "Yorkshire born and bred, Leeds boy" to be so vitriolic towards Kate and Gerry McCann who have had to endure four years of heartache and pain over the loss of their daughter? Infact, what drives not only him, but also the other cronies: Jill Havern, Tony Bennett Joanna Morais and ultimately, Goncalo Amaral?

Spudgun appears to be a good writer. You would think, by reading his spoutings on his blogg he appears to be a well informed and level headed writer. How far from the truth could that actually be?

This person, not only posts on Havern's site under different alias' but also thinks we are daft enough (unfortunately like most of the real posters on Haverns site) to believe they are authentic. Unfortunately, our friend SPUDGUN has been exposed to be nothing more than a lying and deceitful poster, posing very similar traits to all the other members of the vitriolic club mentioned above.

Lets have a look at how 'hell bent' he is in trying to discredit the McCanns in which ever way he can. This is the first video that he put together whilst posting on Anorak in those early days.

To be continued......or not..........nah!

Monday, 13 June 2011

The abduction

Goncalo Amaral has been the biggest obstacle to solving the mystery surrounding the disappearance of Madeleine McCann. Alas, our own Scotland Yard will be investigating her disappearance and no doubt they will be closely scrutinizing all leads that point to an abduction. But where will they start and what will they be looking for?

Unbelievable as it may sound, but the PJ never questioned all the holiday makers at the Warner Village complex at that time. Instead, they were allowed to go home as their holiday came to its natural end.

So, and therefore, the starting point for the investigation must be to question all those people who either holidayed or worked at the complex. And the reason for this is because it would appear that this little girl was targeted. And there are good reasons for suspecting this as we shall discover a little later.

We need to understand how the abductor(s) entered the apartment. We know from Kates' interviews and recent book that the shutter and window was open when she made her check at around 10.00pm. So her natural thought would be that someone gained entry via the window and must have forced the shutters open from the outside. However, after investigation by the PJ it would appear that there was no evidence to suggest the shutters were actually forced. Infact, after a rather dubious forensic examination we have since learned that the only significant findings were that of Kate McCanns fingerprints on the shutters' inside. This immediately raises a few questions: one being that Gerry McCann states that he attempted to open them himself from the outside without leaving fingerprints but so too did Diane Webster. Again no finger prints intact that could be recognised.

The 'opened' window has always been a big ball of contention for people who have doubted the McCanns. It would appear they, like Amaral, believe the discovery by Kate McCann on her return to the apartment was part of some big hoax to convince the world that their child had been abducted. And the reason for this, it would appear, is because only her prints were found intact on the inside of the shutter.