Thursday, 7 July 2011

Saddos Forum

Yerp, there you go, the saddos forum owned by the biggest saddo of them all.....Jill Havern. And who is this muppet Havern.....well, to be honest....who cares?

However, if it's entertainment you're after, take a quick peek at the nonsense these halfwits spend each and every day gossiping about.

Yes their tiny little pea brains are convinced the McCanns are involved in some conspiracy to hide the death of their beloved daughter all in order to prevent them being charged with child neglect.......apparently. And involved in this conspiracy are the McCanns, their friends, the hotel staff, top celebrities, anonymous millionaires.....yes the list goes on for these sad twits.

Now when you take a quick peekaboo, you'll notice that most post each and every day and all day. Yes they don't friggin work. They probably all claim benefits off their respective Governments, unless of course they're all retired, which would account for the dementia they appear to suffer.

Mindyou, they at least allow outsiders to view all topics (if you can be bothered to read the nonsense lol)but strangely, the guest section (which one can only assume is for guests to post their thoughts) only allows guests to read. Would that be because any normal person who could be arsed to post might actually talk sense? And when you think about it, when you have a moderator who bans people for speaking their mind and then accuses them of disruption would the truth actually mean 'you can only post if you agree with our thoughts on our search for the truth forum'?

You know, there's only one real mystery about the forum aptly titled 'The complete mystery surrounding the disappearance of Madeleine McCann' and that is what these dogs of the earth do with their lives outside of the forum? Do they have friends in reality? Are they just lost, friendless scums of society? Maybe the mystery aint so mysterious after all.

ps forgot to add, it's says at the top of the forum "why not join our forum and help search for the truth". need to say any more!

Monday, 4 July 2011

Brenda Ryans apology to Kate and Gerald McCann

Dear Kate and Gerry McCann

I write this apology to you with a very heavy heart, a heart that knows now how much pain and suffering I caused you, your family and friends by allowing a forum to exist that was none other than a “cess-pit”.

I had no right to stand in judgement of a family who are bearing the most inconceivable pain ever, the loss of a child and a family who need people to help not hinder.

You, your family and your friends did NOT deserve to have your lives torn apart by malicious posts written on a forum I hosted and by posts written by myself. Even though I had no control of what those people wrote I did hold the ultimate power to delete. My failure to do that simple action will never be excusable, along with my failure to control a rabid situation which added to the pain you, as parents of a missing child, were already suffering.

I know deep down, no matter how many times I say “I’m sorry”, it will never take that pain you both must have felt and still continue to feel if you read those posts and that, on my part, is unforgiveable.

One day I hope you find it in your heart to forgive a stupid blinkered woman, who should have known better, for her sins. A woman who allowed her own gut-instinct and feelings to rule her judgement, instead of allowing the facts and evidence which was evident to prove that your daughter is a missing child and a child that needs to be found.

I don’t expect your forgiveness because to be honest if I was standing in your shoes at this precise moment, I would probably find it hard to forgive a person who caused my family so much unnecessary pain.

My selfish actions gave a platform and an arena to a man who is beyond contempt in my eyes. A man who will stop at nothing in his attempt to tarnish the family and friends of a missing child with his horrendous accusations and his actions that cause as much pain to a child’s family, ever imaginable. A man who will stop at nothing in order to satisfy his own insatiable quest to inflict as much pain and suffering as he can on the family of a missing child. A man that proclaims he cares for your daughter but leads people to believe that Madeleine is not a findable living child.

Whether he would have gained such an audience if the3arguidos had never been created I don’t know. And for allowing this man to have free access to a forum that caused you so much pain, I sincerely apologise to you both and realise my actions were so wrong. And knowing full well that my actions of allowing him to post on that forum gained him popularity, and for that action I can only offer you both my unreservedly sincere regrets and profound apologies.

As they say hindsight is such a wonderful thing and when I say I wish I could turn back the clock I truly mean it. If I could have had access to a crystal ball for just one split second back in November 2007, no way would I have ever clicked on that submit button that created that monster of a forum.

Your daughter deserved better than that, you deserved better than that. She deserved my attention to be focussed on helping to find her not condemning innocent people and standing in judgement without knowing all the facts. So many forum myths were created by that forum, and I want to dispel those myths by writing about the truth and by trying to put right the so many wrongs I did to your family.

The truth is in the files and definitely not in someone’s mind or what they think is the truth.

I failed to see that even though you were bearing the hardest pain any parent could ever imagine, you still found it in yourselves to help the plight of missing people. You ran, cycled and raised awareness and money for Charity. You campaigned tirelessly for Amber Alert and instead of giving you credit I gave you condemnation. You both did not deserve that.

I have read your book Kate, and I feel as if, through your words, I have got to know the real Kate McCann and not the Kate McCann the media at times wanted to portray, especially the Portuguese media. I have felt your pain and shared your laughter, especially at you running to the top of that hill in New Zealand.

I have cried so many tears at reading how desperate you both were for information and news about your daughter’s whereabouts and please may you one day both find it in your hearts to forgive me.

My jaw has dropped to the floor when I read about the questioning, the conduct of the Police, how unprofessional they were at times, and the information you told us all about children being molested whilst on holiday.

I close by saying, may your pain end soon with Madeleine being found alive and returned home to you both. Where Madeleine may once again be in the warmth, comfort and love of her family a place where she should never have been taken from. May God listen to your pleas and answer your prayers soon.

I truly am sorry for adding to your pain and maybe one day, you both, will find it in your hearts to forgive me.

Bren Ryan

Sunday, 19 June 2011




Spudgun, aka Mike Hardy, a self proclaimed film maker and researcher.

What drives this "Yorkshire born and bred, Leeds boy" to be so vitriolic towards Kate and Gerry McCann who have had to endure four years of heartache and pain over the loss of their daughter? Infact, what drives not only him, but also the other cronies: Jill Havern, Tony Bennett Joanna Morais and ultimately, Goncalo Amaral?

Spudgun appears to be a good writer. You would think, by reading his spoutings on his blogg he appears to be a well informed and level headed writer. How far from the truth could that actually be?

This person, not only posts on Havern's site under different alias' but also thinks we are daft enough (unfortunately like most of the real posters on Haverns site) to believe they are authentic. Unfortunately, our friend SPUDGUN has been exposed to be nothing more than a lying and deceitful poster, posing very similar traits to all the other members of the vitriolic club mentioned above.

Lets have a look at how 'hell bent' he is in trying to discredit the McCanns in which ever way he can. This is the first video that he put together whilst posting on Anorak in those early days.

To be continued......or not..........nah!

Monday, 13 June 2011

The abduction

Goncalo Amaral has been the biggest obstacle to solving the mystery surrounding the disappearance of Madeleine McCann. Alas, our own Scotland Yard will be investigating her disappearance and no doubt they will be closely scrutinizing all leads that point to an abduction. But where will they start and what will they be looking for?

Unbelievable as it may sound, but the PJ never questioned all the holiday makers at the Warner Village complex at that time. Instead, they were allowed to go home as their holiday came to its natural end.

So, and therefore, the starting point for the investigation must be to question all those people who either holidayed or worked at the complex. And the reason for this is because it would appear that this little girl was targeted. And there are good reasons for suspecting this as we shall discover a little later.

We need to understand how the abductor(s) entered the apartment. We know from Kates' interviews and recent book that the shutter and window was open when she made her check at around 10.00pm. So her natural thought would be that someone gained entry via the window and must have forced the shutters open from the outside. However, after investigation by the PJ it would appear that there was no evidence to suggest the shutters were actually forced. Infact, after a rather dubious forensic examination we have since learned that the only significant findings were that of Kate McCanns fingerprints on the shutters' inside. This immediately raises a few questions: one being that Gerry McCann states that he attempted to open them himself from the outside without leaving fingerprints but so too did Diane Webster. Again no finger prints intact that could be recognised.

The 'opened' window has always been a big ball of contention for people who have doubted the McCanns. It would appear they, like Amaral, believe the discovery by Kate McCann on her return to the apartment was part of some big hoax to convince the world that their child had been abducted. And the reason for this, it would appear, is because only her prints were found intact on the inside of the shutter.