Thursday, 7 July 2011

Saddos Forum

Yerp, there you go, the saddos forum owned by the biggest saddo of them all.....Jill Havern. And who is this muppet Havern.....well, to be honest....who cares?

However, if it's entertainment you're after, take a quick peek at the nonsense these halfwits spend each and every day gossiping about.

Yes their tiny little pea brains are convinced the McCanns are involved in some conspiracy to hide the death of their beloved daughter all in order to prevent them being charged with child neglect.......apparently. And involved in this conspiracy are the McCanns, their friends, the hotel staff, top celebrities, anonymous millionaires.....yes the list goes on for these sad twits.

Now when you take a quick peekaboo, you'll notice that most post each and every day and all day. Yes they don't friggin work. They probably all claim benefits off their respective Governments, unless of course they're all retired, which would account for the dementia they appear to suffer.

Mindyou, they at least allow outsiders to view all topics (if you can be bothered to read the nonsense lol)but strangely, the guest section (which one can only assume is for guests to post their thoughts) only allows guests to read. Would that be because any normal person who could be arsed to post might actually talk sense? And when you think about it, when you have a moderator who bans people for speaking their mind and then accuses them of disruption would the truth actually mean 'you can only post if you agree with our thoughts on our search for the truth forum'?

You know, there's only one real mystery about the forum aptly titled 'The complete mystery surrounding the disappearance of Madeleine McCann' and that is what these dogs of the earth do with their lives outside of the forum? Do they have friends in reality? Are they just lost, friendless scums of society? Maybe the mystery aint so mysterious after all.

ps forgot to add, it's says at the top of the forum "why not join our forum and help search for the truth". need to say any more!

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